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Welcome to Radda MCH-FP Centre

In 1974, Radda Barnen (the then Swedish Save the Children), an international NGO, began the operation of the Centre as a project for providing maternal and child health care for the underserved and underprivileged population of Mirpur under Dhaka Metropolitan City.  

It was operated, managed and almost fully funded by Radda Barnen during the first two decades of its existence. In September 1994 with the objective of sustainability and continuous improvement of the quality services rendered by the Centre, Radda Barnen, with the permission of the Ministry of Health, Government of Bangladesh, handed over the complete responsibility of the operation and management of the Centre to a local organization under the name of Radda MCH-FP Centre Trust specially created for this purpose. This is a non- government, non-profit organization with a six member Board under the Trust Act of 1882. Since then Radda Barnen (the then Swedish Save the Children) had been progressively reducing its financial support for the Centre and totally discontinued any support whatsoever in 2004 in contrast with 91 percent of the outlay in 1994.


 To develop a sustainable organization that:

  • Maintain a leading role as provider of affordable, high quality preventive and curative health services to the community with primary focus on mother and children.
  • Build a leading training institution based on our competitive advantages providing high quality training courses based on recognized standard curricula or tailor-made to suit multiple customer needs.
  • Initiate projects and research activities of relevance and direct benefit in respect to health, nutrition and well being of the mothers, children and adolescents of poor and marginalized groups in particular and the community as a whole in general.
  • To buildup financial sustainability from service charges affordable by target clientele income from Sustainability Fund, clients’ contribution and donor support.


 The objective of the Radda MCH-FP Centre is to

  • Promote and protect the health and wellbeing of mother and children especially those belonging to the poor and disadvantaged section of the society.
  • Provide a comprehensive range of MCH-FP services
  • Provide adolescent reproductive health services and counselling 
  • Provide health education to all clients visiting the clinics
  • Provide health care services, including treatment of RTIs/ STDs and health education on prevention of HIV/AIDs to mothers and children including adolescent
  • Provide Health care services to the entire family including old & disabled member of the family.
  • Provide Comprehensive Health care services through initiation of Community Managed Health Care through Child Centered Community Development Approaches (CCCDA)
  • Provide safe home delivery by trained traditional birth attendants.
  • Undertake community based MCH-FP activities and health education.
  • Offer training in Maternal and Child Health to the health professionals, health workers including community health workers, traditional birth attendants (TBA) and others involved in the area.
  • Conduct operation research.
  • Provide nutritional support to the malnourished children of poor and marginalized group of the community of Mirpur area.
  • Promote the spirit and value set out in the Convention on the Rights of Child adopted by the UN general Assembly on 20 November 1989 and ratified by the Government of Bangladesh in August 1990.